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Accelerate the development of producer services industries Ribbon necessity

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Producer services is to maintain the continuity of industrial production processes , promoting industrial technological progress, industrial upgrading and improving production efficiency to provide security services service industry. It is directly related to manufacturing support services, internal production services from manufacturing sector developed independently emerging industries, does not in itself provide consumers with direct, independent service effectiveness ; its existence dependent on manufacturing enterprises , throughout the production of the upper, middle and lower reaches all links in human capital and intellectual capital as primary inputs, the increasing specialization of human capital and knowledge capital to introduce manufacturing, is the second and tertiary industries back also incorporates the key . In 1966, American economist H.Greenfield research services and their classification, first proposed the concept of producer services .
Ribbon producer services industry is to provide services for the textile manufacturing industry , textile industry itself does not directly produce products, but through the professional services of producer services , textile manufacturing enterprises significantly improve production efficiency can be achieved , the added value of products obtained enhance the value of services through the production of textile products to be reflected. Textile industry, producer services throughout the textile industry chain , covering chemical fiber, cotton , linen , wool , silk, printing and dyeing, garment and other industries.
First, the development of producer services is the textile industry , textile industry chain integration is one of the fundamental means
Producer services industry involves a wide range of products covering the upstream and downstream industry chain, including research design, management services, branding services , marketing services and other sectors of the core business. Promote technological progress and enhance the brand influence the industry , to develop industry domestic and foreign markets , improve the industry value-added products , in essence, requires the development of producer services.
Second, the development of producer services is to build a textile power needs
Realization of China's textile and power by the textile power to change the industry requires that we must change our mode of economic growth , and continuously improve product value , continue to strengthen the scientific and technological level, and constantly optimize the management of the enterprise marketing mode. Economic growth mode transformation , producer services provide paths.
Three , producer services will be an important impetus for the industry to upgrade
Producer services as intermediate inputs into manufacturing to each other , you can increase the value of their products . After a certain stage of development of the industry , along with the deepening of specialization and professional services of external fat tails , their added value and industrial competitiveness increasingly depends on marketing, planning, technology development, modern logistics and other support. Producer services effectively extending the industry chain , in the prenatal , delivery and postnatal various aspects into a more production services, is the textile industry to create a tangible product differentiation advantages and the main source of added value , but also non-price between enterprises touch the decisive factor.
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