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Small but fine - Ribbon accessories new applications

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With the development of society, webbing this raw material more widely used in various industries , including the apparel industry , footwear, luggage , outdoor products, straps, belts , handbags, car seat belts and other industries.
Small webbing, in our lives has played a big role in countless . For example : mobile phone lanyard , mobile phone in his hand and sometimes inconvenient, you can use the phone lanyard hanging on the wrist, so that travel has brought great convenience , not easy to lose .
Car seat belts is the role of a vehicle collision or emergency braking , tensioners will instantly pack , tighten the seat belt when worn loose , firmly tied to the occupant in the seat to prevent the occurrence of secondary collisions . Once the seat belt pack intensity exceeds a certain limit , it will be appropriate to relax force limiter seat belt , keeping the chest force stability. Therefore, the displacement of car seat belts and restraint plays a buffer to absorb the impact energy , resolve inertial force , to avoid or mitigate the extent of the occupants were injured . Car accident investigation showed that the frontal crash , if wearing a seat belt , can reduce 57% mortality , side crash can be reduced 44% , rollovers can be reduced to 80%.
  Aircraft seat belts : the role of the aircraft seat belt is almost the same with the car seat belt on the plane , if you do not use seat belts , the consequences are unimaginable. So, to everyone 's own security , we must remember to wear seatbelts Oh !
Little webbing, everywhere, small webbing , but it can play a big role .

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