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Webbing material which will be used?

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Yarn as raw material in a variety of narrow- web-like fabric or tubular fabric . With a wide variety of fabrics are widely used in clothing , shoes , bags, industrial, agricultural , military , transportation and other sectors . 1930s , ribbon are hand workshop production , raw materials for cotton , twine . After the founding of New China , the progressive development of materials used webbing nylon, polyvinyl alcohol , polyester, polypropylene, spandex , rayon , etc., forming weaving, braiding , knitting three categories of technology, fabric structure with plain, twill , satin , jacquard, double , multilayer , tubular and joint tissue .
One , woven ( woven )
Interweave . And after twisting yarn warping made ​​cheese ( pan head ) , weft shake into cops , webbing on the loom . 1930s for wooden hand looms, iron wood loom webbing . In the early 1960s to 1511 converted into weaving machine loom and is still widely used. Due to the small width of the tape , weaving a different way, there are single , double bar , dozens of dollars, there is a single layer , there are also double .
In 1967 , the industry as the main body of workers with non- woven research team has successfully designed and manufactured its own high-speed single needle loom , shuttle not realize webbing and shorten the process , small footprint, improve labor productivity , is China Ribbon technology in the history of creation.
70 years, due to continuous dyeing ironing machine tape promotion , colored tape processing, first dyed woven by the traditional process , the development of the first weaving dyeing , weaving after the first bleaching , ironing continuous post-processing , weaving technology into the mechanization large-scale production ranks. The early 1980s , the industry introduced Switzerland, Italy, Federal Republic of Germany with a high-speed shuttleless machines, ironing joint machine, wrapped wire machine , warping machine , weaving technology into a new stage of development.
Ribbon technology advances, bringing the upgrading of products . In 1979, China's first generation of SD9-9 type rubber spindles with successful trial production , the end product of the rubber spindles with historical dependence on imports . In 1980 , has developed a SD-81A, B -type spindles with rubber , with soft , light, thin, firm , small elongation , impact force is small, short and smooth joint characteristics . In early 1990, as Santana supporting the use of seat belts successful trial. But also by more than two years to carry out research , organize trial , product quality has reached QC49-92 and TL-VW470 standards.
Second, knitting ( weaving spindles )
Yarn meridian tube, roll forming weft weft tube , inserted in the fixed gear seat knitting machine , weft tube rotates and moves along the 8-shaped track to intersect knitting yarn traction . Usually an even number of spindles , woven into a tubular string , an odd number of spindles , woven into the strap of flat sheet . Weaving spindles old China began the application process , spindles due to equipment different, generally ranging from 9 to 100 , weaving the basic process: dyeing - Weft - Weaving - off machine cut open - packaging. 1960 started knitting machine for several technical innovations , mainly peach plate diameter enlarged , install automatic stopping device off rubber , iron ingots into nylon spindle . Improvements on these devices , the speed increased to 160 to 190 r / min, doubling of the stands , greatly improved product quality .
Not only can weave webbing, also woven rope . Tubular band is a braided rope , 1-4 cm in diameter , said rope or wire rope diameter greater than 4 cm called rope , greater than 40 cm in diameter, generally referred to as the cable or cables . In 1989, the cable industry, the introduction of Japan stereotyped production line equipment , in the following year to produce polypropylene rope stereotyped , product won the national silver medal .
Three , knitted
1970s , warp knitting , weft technique has been widely used ribbon . In 1973, a successful trial knitted nylon wide belt tightener . 1982 , began to introduce the Italian crochet machines , advanced technology, manufacturing wide varieties , particularly adapted to thin decorative ribbon fabrics such as lace , elastic band , screens, decorative belt. The basic process is: dyeing - Winding - Weaving - ironing - packaging.
70 years ago , the fire hose tube with a flat loom weaving , tube diameter size large deformation , low output . Second half of 1974 , industry organizations tube weaving development team , according to the principle of knitted , woven using latitude and longitude , relying on the yarn into a circle in a circle process, using a cylindrical yarn into a circle and sinker , will not warp and weft interwoven Quick as a whole , and to become a tubular lining weft insertion warp knitted fabric , plastic products and high-pressure fire hose outlet pipe production technology level highest in the nation .
Ribbon classification
1 ) Material: Nylon / Polyester / PP polypropylene / acrylic / cotton / polyester / silver onions / spandex / light silk / rayon
Nylon and PP Ribbon distinction : General nylon webbing is dyed after weaving first , so after the cut yarn color due to uneven dyeing the yarn will be pan- white color , while the PP webbing is first due to re- weave yarn dyed , it will not yarn into a white phenomenon exists ; contrast compared to PP webbing nylon webbing shiny and soft ; By burning chemical reaction can also be distinguished ; generally priced higher than PP webbing nylon webbing .
Webbing relatively soft and dull
Acrylic webbing and cotton by the Tetoron two materials constitute
Cotton belt price is generally higher .
2 ) by way of weaving : plain , twill , satin and Mottled three categories. ( Plain / small ripple / twill / safety webbing / grooves / bead pattern / jacquard webbing PP yarn thickness can be classified according to their 900D/1200D/1600D; same time, we should pay attention to the thickness of the webbing thickness also determines its price and tough degrees . )
3 ) Press the width specifications of : 10MM/12MM/15MM/20MM/25MM/30MM/32MM/38MM/50MM so on.
4 ) Press the nature of the use of : clothing webbing , shoe type webbing , luggage webbing, safety class webbing, ribbon and other other special classes .
5 ) Press the webbing itself characteristic points : elastic webbing and rigid webbing ( non-elastic webbing ) categories.

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