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Jacquard Ribbon selection differences

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Band system is very extensive , workmanship and quality is also different, a senior , there are low-level , in everyday life, we see the drama of the Emperor and his ministers , etc. Jacquard Ribbon is worn mostly high-grade varieties , then , jacquard Ribbon precise definition , what is it ? What purpose do, set up for what the crowd does, these are professional Jacquard Ribbon designer need to consider the significance of research on webbing manufacturers also have a positive purpose .
Jacquard Ribbon can be used for high profile clothing materials or decoration materials ( such as curtains , sofa material ) . Jacquard manufacturing process complicated. Warp and weft interwoven ups and downs , forming different patterns, convex, multi- weave flowers, birds , fish, insects , animals and other beautiful patterns .
Jacquard webbing is soft, delicate, smooth unique texture , gloss , drape and good air permeability, high color fastness ( yarn dyeing ) . Weft jacquard pattern amplitude is large and beautiful, color structured three-dimensional sense of strong, as amended with jacquard pattern is relatively simple, relatively simple. Jacquard Jacquard band is divided into warp and weft jacquard belt.
As the name implies , warp jacquard texture main trends are down , while the weft jacquard belt is fair to the corner toward the line , but the difference is this dawn , but about the human feeling is very different , the overall warp jacquard belt to said people feel a bit short , very strength, weft feeling very harmonious, very coordinated, one , the choice of warp jacquard webbing are highly intermittent stripes, weft compare the flow, so how to choose preferences also see the individual .

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